Why do port digitalisation by drone or mobile robot?



Kristian Skaarup, CEO, Lorenz Technology


Implementing innovative technology and advancing the use of data is no longer a question of being first movers or trendsetters.

It is simply a demand and requirement to survive and stay in business for larger industrial ports accommodating to the EU regulations and becoming a more effective operation by smart automation of work processes improving safety conditions and turnovers.

Lorenz Technology has identified the need for rapid advancements in technology providing the solution to perform organisational changes of work processes and digitise port operations based on the request from valuable collaborations with the Danish maritime industry.

Lorenz Technology provides both the hardware and software to manage enterprise workflows. Since 2017, the company has developed the intelligent drone solution which provides the missing link between existing enterprise drones and the platform for smart data management.

Having manufactured an edge-computing device capable of performing autonomous missions and on-board data processing, the solution is built for the future and the further implementation of artificial intelligence and automation.

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