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The right loading technology is crucial for efficient and safe delivery of products to the customers. BEUMER Group offers sophisticated solutions for bulk material handling, and loading and unloading ships. The modular design of the BEUMER systems allows customised solutions for every application.

The system provider offers ship loading technology, including quadrant type ship loaders, rail-mounted ship loaders with a luffing and swivelling boom, as well as simple stationary loading towers. All ship loader types can of course be equipped with telescopic chutes. Coarse bulk materials, such as clinker or lumpy ores, are loaded into bulk carriers efficiently and dust-free with belt conveying systems and a vertical telescopic tube. The loading of powdered goods is handled by fully enclosed loading machines. An emission-free operation is ensured at all times, helping protect the environment.

For example, BEUMER Group has installed a ship loader at one of the largest manufacturing plants of urea in Malaysia. This ship loader receives bulk material from belt conveyors and loads ships with up to 1,000 tons of material per hour. This swivel-mounted ship loader runs on rails with a telescopic chute and a throw-off belt conveyor to ensure effective and flexible loading.

BEUMER Group’s path to success began on December 9, 1935. With an entry in the Commercial Register of the city of Beckum, 33-year-old chief engineer Bernhard Beumer dared to take the leap into self-employment. One of his most important seed assets was the experience he gained as a repair mechanic for conveying technology – both in the cement and the mining industry. A considerable step towards the success of BEUMER conveying technology was the invention of the idler with labyrinth seal. Bernard Beumer had this patented, and integrated the idler in other products. From this idler, he derived the company logo which is still used today: The circle represents the cross section of the idler’s tube, the arrow is the idler axle.

In the meantime, the company is under the management of the third generation, Dr. Christoph Beumer. The success is primarily due to the familial spirit. The BEUMER Group has held consistently to its motto “We are looking for the long-term success, and not for the short-term profit”. Today, BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 4,500 employees worldwide, BEUMER Group has annual sales of about EUR 950 million. BEUMER Group and its group companies and sales agencies provide their customers with high-quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries. These include cement, lime and gypsum, agriculture and mining, chemicals, energy, food and beverage and also airports and distribution centres.

“Made different” is more than just a buzzword at the BEUMER Group. It’s a corporate philosophy that lets us do what makes sense and not what’s trendy right now. At the center of our philosophy, unlike many short-term profit oriented listed corporations, is the long-term perspective.

As a family business, we can focus on the long-term business success and develop strategies that pay off in the long term. Be it research and development, personnel policy, corporate strategy, customer service or product quality – the advantages that result from our long-term thinking are visible everywhere in the BEUMER Group.

Even in times when for many only the quick profit counts, we remain true to our motto: We are looking for the long-term success and not for the short-term profit.

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