Wireless tracking, monitoring and streamlining operations PT 2



Robert Estes, Global Sales and Technical Communications, Globe Tracker, Melbourne, Florida, USA


Part 2 – Behind it all: the GT Communications Unit

The Globe Tracker Communications Unit (GT Comm. Unit) is the industry’s most advanced real-time tracking, monitoring and communications device. The GT Comm. Unit, combined with the GT Smart Autonomous Asset Network (SAAN) and the GT Trade Data Exchange Network (TDEN) cloud services, is the most comprehensive and cost-effective tracking, monitoring and data-sharing solution available anywhere. Globe Tracker International is dedicated to continuously investing in and advancing its technologies to maintain its industry leadership. The GT Comm. Unit is designed to be permanently installed on the asset it is tracking and monitoring. This asset may be installed on a cargo container, a truck trailer, a railway car, a vessel, even in a terminal or a yard. The battery operated GT Comm. Unit is completely autonomous, communicating with its local area network of sensors and with its owner’s server, wirelessly, from anywhere in the world. The ‘ruggedised’ GT Comm. Unit has been designed for permanent installation, sitting tucked away within the corrugation walls of cargo containers and truck trailers. For optimum performance, the electronics unit is installed on the inside wall of a container for added protection, while the antennae unit is installed on the outside wall for best reception. This design is versatile enough to be installed on flat walls and even on light poles in terminals and yards. The GT Comm. Unit is compatible with a growing portfolio of GT Wireless Peripherals including sensors, reefer control unit interfaces, and electronic door seal monitors. These GT Wireless Peripherals are battery-operated and are most often deployed inside the asset with the GT Communications Unit, enabling the sensing of cargo area temperature and conditions. Software, graphical user interface and integration The GT Smart Autonomous Asset Network includes a state-of-the-art Graphical User Interface and a full suite of analytical tools to present and review data. GT Communications Units send data to a customer’s server IP address, where it is authenticated and operated upon, before being securely deposited into the customer’s target private database. The GT Graphical User Interface draws call data from this private database and then applies customer-selected analytics, presenting the results for viewing and exporting.

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