Virtual Queuing: A Game-Changer for DP World Antwerp



Alex Bäcker, CEO, QLess


Editor's note: This paper follows Alex Bäcker's highly well-received session at the PTI CTAC Conference 2018 in which he partnered with Marc Laureys of DP World Antwerp and articulated how they slashed truck queueing times at the terminal in an unprecedented move that brought a 'queuless' terminal.

When people think of trucking, they don’t think digital. They think of very big, very tough, very analogue machines, and the men and women who operate these machines are pretty tough themselves.

But as the 21st century marches on, every industry in the world stands to reap the benefits of the digital revolution, with the trucking and shipping industry already taking important steps in that direction — steps that have paid dividends in efficiency, safety, and client satisfaction.

At the DP World dockyard in Antwerp, Belgium, a simple shift to virtual buffer queues led to an unprecedented leap in performance from long and congested lines of trucks waiting to pick up goods.

We don’t often think of the shipping industry as very digital. Despite the countless innovations piled onto maritime transport and the movement of goods, we still associate the industry with the ‘old economy’ or big heavy ships, crates…

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