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Linking the Supply Chain

The modern port has to think beyond its immediate sphere in order to countenance the supply chain of the future, and this edition has a bumper Intelligent Supply Chain section so terminal executives can gain key insight into the wider supply chain

Papers in this edition:

DP World: Linking the Supply Chain

DP World is increasingly known as the world's most exciting and technologically advanced terminal operators, and in this paper we get an insight into how the port giant is linking its operations along the intelligent supply chain

Energy Peak Shavings for Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Peak shaving implies the lowering of the highest observed peak in energy demand to reduce the energy-related costs. This enables container terminals to lower the handling costs of containerships, giving them a better competitive position

Maersk: Next-Gen Efficiency in Reefer Operations

Maersk has had a huge push in recent months towards improving its logistics operations across the board, in this paper the container hauling giant articulates its vision for reefer containers

End-to-End Planning Processes

This latest offering from one of Port Technology's most regular and well-read contributors takes us beyond the port and explores how we can plan the supply chain from an end-to-end perspective

Crane & Operator Health & Safety

This paper addresses issues such as such as awkward posture, and environmental factors including heating, ventilation, noise, and vibration, continue to impact crane operators’ well being

Digital Transformation: Are Start-Ups the New Leaders?

The digital wave encompassing the contemporary port sector is creating new opportunities for forward-thinking tech start-ups to influence the industry in new ways. This paper addresses whether the start-up has now become the key player in the industry

The Next Generation: The Vision of PSA

In this paper, terminal operating giant PSA explain their future vision and how they intend to train staff to be prepared for a digital future of trade

Virtual Queuing: A Game-Changer for DP World Antwerp

This paper follows Alex Bäcker's highly well-received session at the PTI CTAC Conference 2018 in which he partnered with Marc Laureys of DP World Antwerp and articulated how they slashed truck queuing times at the terminal

A Renaissance Port: Moving America’s Energy

This paper addresses how the repeal of the ban on exporting US crude oil and the first US LNG export facilities coming online are certainly recent game changers for US energy ports

Cybersecurity and the Intelligent Supply Chain

The Journal of Ports and Terminals is lucky to acquire the insight of Captain Tucci one final time (before he retires), as this paper draws on his vast experience of security along the intelligent supply chain

The IMO Greenhouse Gas Strategy: An Update

Simon Bennett, Deputy Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping provides an update and overview of the IMO's recent greenhouse gas emission strategy that was brought in April, 2018

Digital Disruption in Australia and the Global and Logistic Industry

Michael Bourari, CEO of 1-Stop Connections, discusses digital disruption throughout the global logistics industry. Bourari highlights the three key factors that decision making when importing and exporting goods relies on; Business Process Automation, Operational Engagement, and Port Community Insights.

The Intelligent Supply Chain: From Vision to Reality

Dr Leonard Heilig and Prof Stefan Voß have provided a paper on building our vision for the intelligent supply chain, outlining how we need to think about interconnectivity, blockchain, collaboration, resiliency and new customers and networks

Ports for Tomorrow: Smart Links in Supply Chains

This paper forms the latest iteration of Wolfgang Lehmacher's work for Port Technology. While his last two papers focussed predominantly on blockchain and its potential impact on the global supply chain, this latest paper offers a much more holistic view of how our industry is developing

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