Valves for maximum performance and zero leakage



Zwick Armaturen GmbH, Ennepetal, Germany


At the main Zwick Armaturen GmbH facility at Ennepetal, Germany, you can find the huge 4,000m2 warehouse with over 5,000 valves and ready-to-mount parts, making it one of the biggest stocks of triple eccentric valves in the world. Zwick assures short-term delivery times and flexibility in material selection, even when it comes to materials like duplex, super duplex or bronze.

Unusual requests are handled with the highest priority and together with the client. “The basis for success is and always will be the mixture of know-how, high quality and the flat hierarchical structure within the company,” says Sales Manager Marcel Zwick. This is also the key to success for Johann Zwick, who as founder, owner and general manager of Zwick, is always paying attention even to the smallest detail to ensure optimal service to the customer.

For more than 30 years, the company has manufactured valves for different industry applications. Today, Zwick is focused on producing the TriCon Series triple offset metal-seated butterfly valve. TriCon valves are used everywhere where reliable function and absolute tightness are essential for the user or operator. This is guaranteed with many high-tech features of the valve, such as the unique conical seating which eliminates friction during the seating and unseating of the valve, resulting in extremely long performance life and zero leakage past the valve.

These valves are found mainly in applications of waste gases, liquids, hot water or steam at low and high temperatures of up to 815°C. Other important markets include the chemical and petrochemical industry, especially in critical applications. The standard portfolio of products starts with sizes from DN 50 to DN 1800 and pressure classes from PN 10 to PN 160 and corresponding inch diameters (2″-72″) and ANSI pressure classes 150 to Class 900.

The TriCon Series offers the full range of popular face-to-face dimensions and body styles like short and long pattern doubleflange valves, lug-type or valves with buttweld ends – all in accordance to DIN, ANSI and API Standards. Especially in the North American market, the model B1 is very popular as it combines all advantages of a triple eccentric valve with the ANSI B16.10 face-to-face dimension of a gate valve. Now users and operators are able to replace their old gate valves with Zwick Series TriCon valves without changing the existing pipes and flanges.

The Zwick family is committed to offering environmentally friendly products, such as our stem packing design that is certified as a low emission device, as per TA Luft II. All Zwick parts and manufacturing processes are conducted at their Ennepetal facilities, with no third party participation.

With the newly developed Double Block and Bleed valve, users are now able to have two separate discs within one valve body, and a bleed port in order to verify zero leakage past the two discs. Zwick also provides ESD valves of different kinds with closing times up to 0.2 seconds (optional with SIL 3).

Another highlight of the special Zwick features is the patented Sealed Bear ing. Developed together with major chemical companies like DOW, the Sealed Bearing design prevents any medium from getting into the shaft or bearing areas. This eliminates seized shaft and bearings problems with applications such as cracking or ‘popcorning’ chemicals like butadiene, styrene, sulfur or tar. In areas where everyone else has already given up, Zwick is able to find solutions to meet customer needs.

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