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Edition 47

This edition looks in-depth at coal handling, environmentally friendly port development and maximising safety through automation.

From mine to power station

Safer, cleaner, more efficient coal handling

Automation and safety

Using technology to reduce accidents and injuries

Green port development

From construction to concessions.

Papers in this edition:

Valves for maximum performance and zero leakage

At the main Zwick Armaturen GmbH facility at Ennepetal, Germany, you can find the huge 4,000m2 warehouse with over 5,000 valves and ready-to-mount parts, making it one of the biggest stocks of triple eccentric valves in the world. Zwick assures short-term delivery times and flexibility in material selection, even when it comes to materials like duplex, super duplex or bronze.

Cryogenic recovery of volatile organic compounds

The cryogenic recovery of volatile compounds was developed to efficiently and simultaneously purge liquid gas storage tanks with nitrogen, and recover the remaining gas heel on specification, without emission to the atmosphere.

To go IP or not go IP? That is the question…

This article addresses a question which port and terminal managers are likely to ask themselves at the beginning of the process of specifying a surveillance system: Should the system architecture be based on a pure video over an IP network-based system, or is conventional analogue technology still able to deliver all that a port or terminal is likely to need from its surveillance system?

Controlling Coal Dust in Ports

The import and export of minerals through ports is a major undertaking for any authority. Most minerals are inherently dusty. Unless materials are transported in sealed containers, fugitive dust will be the inevitable consequence.

DSI Snakes make their mark in Spain

In August of 2000, an important find was made over the vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean. An engineering specialist for PHB Weserhutte S.A., of Gijon, Asturias, Spain was searching for the best equipment to elevate raw coal to the blast furnace pulverizing plants of a major steel producer in Northern Spain. That search led to Dos Santos International (DSI).

The floating solution: offshore transshipment stations for loading coal

Indonesian coal production has increased in recent years, currently making the country the world’s largest exporter of thermal coal and the third largest exporter of steaming coal. Demand is expected to be increased further by domestic power plants. Coal for power generation accounts for more than 60 percent of Indonesia’s total coal consumption, and Indonesian major coal producers are all forecast to produce more coal this year, according to reports from Reuters. Worldwide demand for power is growing: Indonesia, India, China, South Africa, Vietnam are examples of countries whose power consumption is expected to grow rapidly.

Feeding global demand: a new Landmark in coal handling

Bulk Logistic Landmark (BLL) is the strategic business alliance of partner companies Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin. BLL aims to profit from the synergies, individual strengths and networks of each of the three partner companies to provide dependable, integrated, cost effective software and hardware, and eco-friendly solutions to the dry-bulk supply chain.

Making leaps and bounds: a specialized TOS for railroad intermodal operations

The millennial generation is rapidly integrating into the workforce, resulting in an influx of system users accustomed to the highly intuitive user interfaces of smart phones and graphical browsers. The bar has therefore been raised for users’ expectations of systems interface design, and if this bar is not met, the burden of training will be increased.

Emerging standards in cargo screening

X-ray cargo screening has emerged quickly in the marketplace to become the dominant technology for inspecting trucks and large containers in a cost efficient and non-intrusive manner. Because these are complex systems containing numerous interdependent sub-systems, officials have increasingly called for objective metrics and benchmarks to identify, assess, and compare the available offerings. To that end, this article discusses emerging standards that are developing in the industry to satisfy this need.

Efficient cargo handling comes from efficient data handling

Since 1986, the worldwide volume of container freight has increased by eight to ten percent annually. The globalization of the world economy, together with manufacturers’ tendency to transfer their production facilities to the Asian and Pacific countries, have been the main factors for the growth of the sea freight industry for the last ten to 15 years.

Improving security through focused collaboration

Henry Ford, a famous American and founder of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit Michigan, in 1903 said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.

Driving innovation: high handling efficiency, low energy use

In launching its Model 3 harbour crane, Gottwald Port Technology GmbH has filled a gap in its current range of Generation 5 harbour cranes. First introduced in 2006, the Generation 5 cranes are gradually replacing their Generation 4 predecessors, outperforming them considerably in terms of lifting capacity, equipment level, versatility and degree of specialisation.

Refurbishment and modernization of STS cranes at PSA Mersin

“Downtime or technical failures are naturally the biggest concern for any operator and owner of port handling equipment,” says H. Önder Türker from Portunus Port Spares & Services, in view of their recent ship-to-shore (STS) crane refurbishment and upgrade work for PSA Mersin Port, Turkey.

Container crane recycling: upgrade and relocation

Most maritime shipping companies were operating profitably through the summer of 2008 until the ‘perfect storm’ of the credit crisis and the worldwide recession struck, leading to a major drop in world trade.

Automation and Safety in Container Terminals

“An Injury to One Is an Injury to All” is the famous slogan of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)– a powerful union that works the ports on the West Coast of the United States.

Technology is key for the Middle East

As the Middle East continues to grow, it is quickly becoming one of the success stories of the maritime industry. The huge increase in container throughput has already driven more than US$38 billion in port investment and a further US$40 billion is ready to be poured into port construction across the Arabian Peninsula and neighbouring countries.

OpenIVEF: unleashing the power of the VTS traffic image

The information about vessel traffic movements that VTS authorities compile in their VTS area is of great value for other stakeholders too. Sharing this information in an easy, open but controlled manner has been made possible by recent developments.

Darwin at the forefront of MOB safety

Several Australian port authorities who have recognized the man overboard risk faced every day by their pilots, tugboat crew and wharf workers are breaking new ground to mitigate the consequences by adopting innovative alerting and locating technology.

Cutting ties with conventional thinking

MoorMaster™ is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in or mounted on the quayside can moor and release vessels in seconds.

The evolution of the Marimatech Viking Hook

In 1989, Marimatech began the manufacturing of laser docking systems and since then has grown to become the largest supplier of such systems worldwide. When projects required the inclusion of quick release hooks (QRH), Marimatech cooperated with international manufacturers to provide a complete solution.

Green concession agreements

Environmental concerns about port activity are mounting. The process of making port management ‘green’ affects port authorities around the world in terms of safeguarding their ‘license to operate’ and increasing their economic and environmental competitiveness.

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