TWIC compliance is a piece of cake Adding the next security layer is easy with DAP Technologies’ Gua



Simon Bowe, DAP Technologies, Abingdon, UK


It’s one thing to refer to a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) compliance implementation as a ‘piece of cake.’ It’s another to say an organisation is getting exactly the tools needed to efficiently and accurately oversee entry to secured areas. Just like no one combination of cake and icing will satisfy every sweet  tooth, a one-size-fits-all approach to TWIC compliance doesn’t address the variety of credential types required at different access points.

That’s why DAP Technologies’ Guard System (CE3240B) handheld computer offers numerous flexible solutions that both comply with the TWIC program and satisfy the unique security and access requirements of individual locations.

Vanilla isn’t enough

In the past, identity checks were relatively straightforward. A visual comparison was made against a photo ID and a person’s admissibility to a restricted area was  confirmed or denied. Over time, technology made identity validation possible. And the variety of credentials made reliability validation challenging and added complexity to the process.

TWIC compliance is the next layer

The need for strong identity credentials is recognised worldwide and gaining acceptance everyday – it means adding the next layer of security. In the U.S., the TWIC program requires those needing unescorted entry in a secure area to present a transportation security card – now called TWIC – which includes an individual’s identity, biometric or human characteristic, and status. Already issued to nearly 1 million individuals, TWIC is being implemented at more and more ports and is considered a vital security measure to ensure unauthorised individuals do not gain access to secure areas of the maritime transportation system.

With thousands of workers entering and leaving a given port every day, adding this layer of security may seem like an overwhelming step. Yet providing another layer of identity assurance is imperative to securing restricted areas. Configurable to read most ID credentials, machine-readable travel documents and biometrics, DAP Technologies’ Guard System (CE3240B) helps make implementing this next security layer a piece of cake. The handheld Guard System easily integrates with  numerous ID validation solutions through its customisable BackPack and TopCap. Available readers include 1D/2D barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, contact or contactless smart card readers, and a 500 dpi fingerprint reader.

DAP’s recent partnerships with security software developers and integrators help make the Guard System more versatile than ever. TWIC credential validation, remote access to video and physical security systems, and terrorist watch-list interfaces are all now available.

The Guard System’s superior level of customisation makes it possible to get the exact solution needed to ensure controlled access in a particular port. Now, isn’t that satisfying?

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