TTI Algeciras: Pioneer in Transhipment Automation



Maribel Grau, Commercial Manager, TTI Algeciras, Algeciras, Spain


During the last 25 years, transhipment has progressively grown and gained importance in an international context due to the development of a highly competitive environment. It has become an essential tool for any shipping company that intends to explore new markets and expand their business globally.

Likewise, the need to remain competitive is imposing the use of larger capacity vessels that have the tendency to call at fewer ports in order to lower transport costs and offer better conditions to increasingly demanding customers. This trend of gigantism is mainly seen in the East-West trades and specifically between Asia and Europe, most of which cross the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Spanish Port of Algeciras is located.

Thanks to an extraordinary combination of location and infrastructure, Algeciras is internationally recognised as a strategic place for hub-and-spoke and relay transhipment; allowing the connection between the main centres of production and emerging markets with growing consumer capacity. 

The reliability of this connectivity is the main competitive advantage of TTI Algeciras, and this operational excellence is achieved thanks to the architecture of the terminal, a dedicated team of professionals and the introduction of automation in the terminal…

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