The Return of Iranian Ports: The Post-Sanction Era



Mehdi Rastegary, Head of Research and Development Affairs, Sina Marine and Ports Services, Bandar Abbas, Iran


The Islamic Republic of Iran is a unique country in terms of geo-economics. As the largest nation in Middle East and Central Asia, Iran is an economic power in terms of international trade, industry and agriculture, energy and natural resources, and science and technology. In spite of all global pressures in the past three decades, Iran is a land of resources and opportunities.

Among the positive features of the Iranian economy we can point to high human development, highly developed human capitals, second place globally in terms of natural gas reserves, third in terms
of production, fourth global place in terms of proven oil reserves, and fifth in terms of production. Iran also has a 7% share of the mineral reserves in the world. Many of the figures above reflect the
induced contraction of Iranian economy by globally-enforced economic sanctions. As the potential of the Iranian economy is beyond the above projections, global economic players are rushing to enter Iranian markets in post-sanction Iran. The opening of Iran’s mega-market to foreign investment can provide new investment opportunities with estimated value of US$600-800 billion within the next decade…

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