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The Mega-Ports Edition

20 mega-ports feature in this special 20th anniversary edition. Also featuring Top 20 US Port Report from Zepol.

Papers in this edition:

Port of Montreal: security is a top priority

The Port of Montreal is a linear port, stretching along 25 kilometres of waterfront between the city of Montreal and the St. Lawrence River. Providing the highest level of security both on water and on land is a top priority for the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the federal agency that administers the Port of Montreal and takes a proactive approach to ensuring the safety and security of cargo and the people who work in and live near the port

Sennebogen 875: working worldwide

Sennebogen officially introduced the 875 E-Series at Bauma 2013 (an international trade fair) as a world first. Since then the 875 has proven itself worldwide with its flexibility and ease of use

Unloading Bulk Commodities

Bulk cargo by its nature contains variable particle sizes. From coal or grains, to iron ore or chemical powders, particle sizes range upwards of 50mm diameter right down to 0.001mm and smaller

India’s Gateway to Future Growth

Andhra Pradesh state did not have a world-class sea port for a long time, but the creation of Krishnapatnam Port provided a much-needed fillip and led to marked economic growth in the region

Porto Itapoá’s award-winning operations

Porto Itapoá began operations in June, 2011, and is already considered one of the fastest and most efficient terminals in Latin America, as well as behind one of the largest and most important in Brazil for containerised cargo movement

Innovative Yard Strategies for Ports and Terminals

The Port of Felixstowe – otherwise known as the Port of Britain - is the largest container port in the UK. It handles over 4 million TEU per year; over 40% of all the container traffic that comes into, or out of, the UK

New Paper: The Exciting Port of Jebel Ali

In today’s highly connected world, increasingly driven by the rather exotic-sounding ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), port operators across the world are finding themselves in the unfamiliar territory

DP World and Navis: The Learning Curve

Ports and terminals across the globe are striving to meet the increasing demands for process excellence and operational efficiency, representatives of Navis and DP World explain how

The Port of Hamburg: smartPORT

The port and the city of Hamburg are closely intertwined – and not just physically. The healthy development of the port ensures the growth and prosperity of the city and the entire metropolitan region. But how we promote sustainable growth and how much can a port grow if it only has limited space for expansion are the key questions this paper addresses

SOHAR Port and Freezone: Green Expertise

Good environmental credentials are key in the sustainable development and continued growth of SOHAR Port and Freezone. As a 50:50 partnership between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman, SOHAR prides itself on some of the strictest and best policed environmental policies in the world

Port of Los Angeles: How to be Green

Building on pioneering clean air initiatives at the San Pedro Bay ports, the Port of Los Angeles has drafted a proposed plan for advancing promising zero emission technologies

Port of Antwerp: 3 Foundational Pillars

Just as the triangle is the strongest shape, the Port of Antwerp’s three-dimensional development strategy has helped it to become Europe’s largest integrated maritime, logistics and industrial hub

Ports of the Future: The Sense of Wonder

Dr Oscar Pernia, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Navis, discusses the key elements required for a port of the future to function seamlessly within the ocean supply chain

Port of Bergen: Shore Connection Connoisseur

A technical paper focusing on the developments of low-voltage shore connection systems at the Port of Bergen; an operation defining the system characteristics for shore power installations to supply ships with a low-voltage connection

The Indispensible Tool for Pilots and Ports

GyroPilot™ is the latest product in the Navicom Dynamics inventory, designed to provide a compact, lightweight, wireless source of comprehensive navigation data to a pilot’s electronic charting system

A call for innovative, integrated ports

Yann Duclot of PTI Preferred Partner Cavotec writes a paper which reviews the port arena holistically as he takes into account how ports can become further integrated and ultimately more successful

Bollard Safety Innovation for Ports and Terminals

Jeff Main, Managing Director of BLT, here makes a convincing case for the testing of bollards in ports. As the size of ships increases, so do the dangers, unless bollards are correctly monitored

The New Era of Mega-Ports

A new era of mega-ships means ports must respond in kind to combat massive capacities: the mega-port has thus been created

20 million TEU: Busan’s 2015 Mega Goal

Kim Li-Tack, President of Busan Port Authority outlines why Busan is one of Asia's major ports and how it will reach it's drastically ambitious 20 million TEU throughput by 2015's close

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