The Port of Hamburg: A 5G Testing Ground



Jens Meier, CEO, Hamburg Port Authority


This paper overviews the ongoing 5G trials at the Port of Hamburg, examining how the port can interact with the city and build new technological capability. 

The future of mobile communication is 5G. And in this regard, the Port of Hamburg is a trailblazer. A gigantic 5G network is currently under officially testing in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as well as in the northern Italian city of Turin, by the 5G Mobile Network Architecture (MoNArch) research project which is funded by the EU.

5G is seen as the communication standard of the future; an entirely new network concept that combines terrestrial and mobile networks. Unlike technological advances of the past, which solely focused on increasing broadband width and speed, 5G will support a wide range of use cases that all have different speed, latency, security and capacity requirements. 5G will also play an important role in new application scenarios created by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. technological change. Besides the manufacturing industry, the logistics sector in particular will benefit from 5G mobile technology.

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