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5G, AI, ML & Exponential Tech

Port Technology is proud to release Edition 83, an exclusive e-Journal with papers from Deloitte, the Port of Hamburg, Telefonica and INFORM, amongst others, focusing on the incoming impact of 5G, AI and machine learning (ML).

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “This is an amazing area for us to focus on given the huge implications of 5G.

“5G technology really is the precursor to smart ports, advanced AI and the smart city of the future. To have some of the biggest names in the supply chain and telecoms writing on this is great for the sector.”

The papers in this edition are: 

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Papers in this edition:

IoT & 5G Potentialities in Ports & Terminals

This paper discusses various types of business use cases of IoT and 5G and outlines how relevant they are to digital ports, connected infrastructure, connected port ecosystems, and connected human and cyber-security

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