The Great Innovation Debate: Startups vs. In-House Development vs. Established Vendors



Dr Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President, INFORM’s Terminal & Distribution Logistics Division, Alex Van Winckel, Director Strategic Partnerships and Sales, INFORM's Terminal & Distribution Logistics Division, and Matthew Wittemeier, Director Marketing and Sales, INFORM’s Terminal & Distribution Logistics Division


Innovation – what is it, and how does one achieve it? These questions came up at this year’s Container Terminal Automation Conference in London in March 2022, during multiple sessions. While we doubt we’ll come to a common understanding of exactly what it is, we will all likely agree that it is required to propel our industry forward.

As an established vendor within the maritime industry, we’ve been exposed to a great deal of ‘models’ that aim to foster innovation. In this paper, we’ll look at the pros and cons of innovating via startups, in-house operations, or outsourcing to established vendors before concluding with a round-up and comparative analysis.

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