Solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly bulk handling



Ishikawajima Transport Machinery Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Ishikawajima Transport Machinery (IUK) manufacture several types of equipment for bulk unloading, including both the Bucket Elevator type Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) and the BridgeType Grab Bucket Unloader (GUL) which can be used for both coal and iron ore. IUK has recently supplied Unloaders to leading steel mill companies and electrical power companies.

The advanced unloading system of the CSU assures high efficiency and environmental conservation. Features include:

• High unloading efficiency of 70-80 per cent

• Horizontal side cutting method

• Catenary mode of clean-up operation

• No need for a skilled operator with simple operation through cutting edge technology, peak cut digging. The principle of peak-cut digging is that the digging device drive speed and bucked elevator drive speed can be controlled by detecting the BE drive motor torque.

• High clean-up efficiency greatly reduces the need for the assistance of a bulldozer

• Energy saving by constant volume unloading

• Subsequent facility can be compact

• High reliability – Long life chain. Use of a grease seal for the pins drastically reduces wear of the chains, providing extraordinary durability in high-speed operation for a long time

• Environmental protection through fully enclosed conveying line inside the machine

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