SOHAR Port and Freezone: Green Expertise



Andre Toet, CEO, SOHAR Industrial Port Company, Sohar, Oman


Good environmental credentials are key in the sustainable development and continued growth of SOHAR Port and Freezone. As a 50:50 partnership between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman, SOHAR prides itself on some of the strictest and best policed environmental policies in the region – both above and below the water. The vision of SOHAR Port and Freezone is to create and maintain an environment that is healthy, safe, and secure for staff, tenant industries and their employees, visitors, and the surrounding community.

Health, safety and environment

SOHAR has worked hard to become recognised as a regional leader in environmental friendliness, and through collaboration with a number of official organisations has drafted an innovative Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy.

The impact of activities in SOHAR on the health and safety of workers, as well as any influence on the social and natural environment, have been minimised through a number of processes which have been put in place to identify possible hazards before they occur. Good operational practices surrounding…

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