Smart Shipping and the Supply Chain: Evolving with IoT Connectivity



Elizabeth Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Strategy, KVH, Rhode Island, USA


Throughout the maritime industry, a digital transformation is underway, one that is reshaping smart shipping and the smart supply chain. On land, the adoption of machine-to-machine Internet of Things (IoT) data communications has made transportation smarter than ever, as logistics businesses have connected all containers and devices across a centralized cloud network and share mission-critical data for real-time visibility of their operations. On land, the result has been a focus on maximizing supply chain efficiency.

This same logistics transformation is beginning to happen at sea, as the maritime industry enters the era of smart shipping—namely, performance management and condition monitoring via digital technologies such as maritime IoT. Whether it is the vessel operators, ship managers, port personnel, equipment manufacturers, or the end customers, all are beginning to leverage connectivity as the key to unlock IoT for business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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