Siwertell Coal Unloader for China



Per Hansson, Contract Manager, Siwertell


Siwertell is well established as a supplier of high capacity screw-type unloaders to the power generation industry. Its most recent delivery in this sector was to Zhongshan Thermal Power Company Ltd, part of the Guangdong GHD Group.

Zhongshan predicted that it would need to handle an increase of 1.8 million tonnes per year in coal demand resulting from the major expansion project at its coal-fired power plant in the Guangdong province of China.

The power station’s existing 50MW and 60MW coal-fired units will be augmented by two new 300MW units, which have been completed and will soon be operational.

Coal for the power station is sourced mainly from mines in China, transported by river to a nearby transfer terminal. From there it is delivered to the power plant by barges. The target for the unloading arrangement to maintain the plant’s coal supply is to discharge an average of five 1,000 dwt barges a day…

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