Securing the Supply Chain and Mitigating Risk



David Rider, Intelligence & Communications Officer, Neptune Maritime Security, Poole, UK


Piracy may make the headlines, but persistent low-level crime at ports and terminals and the threat of terrorism are far greater headaches for most port facility security officers (PFSOs). The security issues facing ports and terminals are often forgotten or overshadowed by the threat shipping faces from maritime piracy. The reality is, of course, that persistent low-level crime, organised criminal gangs and the threat of terrorism are constant headaches for PFSOs, who often work with limited intelligence and resources to ensure the smooth running of their particular port or terminal. Due consideration must be given to the threats against vessels, port and passenger facilities and terminals as well as offshore installations. Ensuring the efficiency of any of these requires significant effort from all stakeholders and, while many are concerned with the potential threat of cyber crime in the sector, the reality is that the human element is still the major concern. Theft, be it petty or organised, is a huge loss issue for the industry and highlights the growing issue of security flaws and planning facing ports.

A secure method

A reputable security firm will work with clients to ensure robust security plans are in place at all levels at a facility and meet, if not surpass, the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. The security contractor should undertake bespoke risk assessments covering elements from staff and office security and potential issues arising from economic, environmental and local action, which could affect a site’s smooth operation. Drawing on its experience not only in vessel and facility protection but also a likely military background in maritime counter terrorism, a professional port and shipping security company, whose staff possess the necessary understanding of the ISPS Code should be able to bring numerous experts into play to ensure the continued smooth operations of client companies working in difficult regions. Furthermore, a security company should then …..

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