Securing Maritime Software Systems Academia & Industry Working Together



Joseph O. Eichenhofer, Elisa Heymann, Barton P. Miller, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; and Kyung Won (Arnold) Kang, COO, Total Soft Bank Ltd., Busan, South Korea


The maritime sector is crucial to the world economy, and the computer technology that manages it is critical to its successful operation. Maritime transportation increasingly relies on information and communications technology (ICT) to manage and optimize its operations and services. This technology is involved in many areas, from traffic control communications to container freight tracking to the actual movement of containers. As a consequence, there is an increased dependency on electronic communication and processes with little human interaction. In addition, the maritime logistic ICT systems introduce the risks of being extremely vulnerable to cyber-attack. It is important to note that these ICT systems are based largely on software that has been written specifically to support the operations of maritime logistic systems.

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