Productivity Through Decision Making



Michael Bouari, CEO, 1-Stop Connections


We are in an era of rapid digital transformation that affects all industries. Mobile technology, social media, cloud computing and advances in analytics are all contributing factors. The rate of innovation and adoption is accelerating and will likely continue to do so. This rapid change has an impact on decision-making. Decision makers need technologies and solutions to support this rapid and accelerating change to help them make good decisions based on knowledge, experience, and sound logic have a much higher probability of delivering success in any business.


The idea of importing and exporting goods seems simple, but it gets complex very quickly with the multiple inputs from a range of people and institutions. Having so
many variables and “middle men” that can potentially delay cargo, decision-making has become a critical function. Regardless of
where a business is today, the evolution of decision-making relies on three key factors:

• Business Process Automation (BPA)

• Operational Engagement (OE)

• Port Community Insights (PCI)

Each factor provides varying degrees of benefit for any operator. However when all are incorporated into a terminal’s approach to planning, managing and optimising for continuous improvement, exponential benefits can be realised.


With the dawn of computers, the storage and processing of data has become streamlined. Businesses of all kinds now rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or operating systems to take care of key business processes such as financials, payroll, CRMs, HR, order entry and inventory management. As company information is increasingly stored in…

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