Portaload range brings flexibility and efficiency



Buhler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland


The global grain trade continues to develop in a highly dynamic way. Up to 250 Mio. tonnes of grain are presently being transported from grain producers to grain processors and consumers around the globe. By the year 2030, this staggering figure is expected to increase to over 400 Mio. tonnes. Therefore, efficient grain  handling systems are in high demand, this in conjunction with improved grain storage and management systems.

According to estimates by the Food & Agriculture Organisation ‘post-harvest’ losses amount to 20-30 per cent, caused by natural disasters, political factors, lack of knowledge and improper plant technology. Therefore, the general request for substantial improvements on all fronts becomes evident.

The Buhler Grain Handling business unit participates actively in this development; the focus is particularly on reliable, fast and efficient ship unloading/loading as well as the safe storage of grains, oilseeds and derivative products. Specific requirements with regards to the protection of the environment (minimal dust emissions,  reduction in power requirements, the handling of genetically modified products etc.) as well as general requests for reliable and safe food supply chains, increases the complexity of modern grain handling plants.

Retraceability of the product flow – from the farmer to the consumer – plays an ever increasing role in the overall grain management. This br ief article focusses on the array of ship loading installations by Bühler AG with an example of the attention given to avoiding dust emissions during the ship loading process.

Portaload: mobile and stationary ship loaders

Buhler AG is one of the few worldwide active suppliers for bulk handling systems for a range of products such as cereal grains, oilseeds and derivatives. These activities include mechanical and pneumatic ship unloaders, bulk storage facilities of all types of design and mobile and stationary ship loading systems.

Buhler AG has specifically gained vast experience through its involvement with ship loading facilities in Argentina. Based on this, varied customer requirements for such installations can be met, be it in the selection of appropriate equipment types or other relevant individual parameter considerations. In today’s business environment, there are many factors relevant in the selection of equipment and supplier; the main selection criteria, however, remain:

• Return on Investment

• Short vessel berthing times

• High throughput paired with high reliability of the chosen equipment

• Individual customer’s preferences

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