Rotterdam’s 2030 Vision



Nico van Dooren, Director Energy and Industry at Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Port Vision 2030 outlines the vision for the future of the Port of Rotterdam. The vision was drawn up with the aid of various clients, government departments, knowledge institutes and societal organisations. The vision for the port is that:

“In 2030, Rotterdam is Europe’s most important port and industry complex. It is a strong combination of the Global Hub and Europe’s Industrial Cluster, both leading in efficiency and sustainability. Rotterdam is closely connected with other North West European industrial and logistic areas. Leading companies invest in modern facilities. Cooperation between companies, government and universities result in a high quality labour market, good quality of life and accessibility. The adaptive powers are unique. Thus, Rotterdam is a major pillar for the prosperity in the Rijnmond area, The Netherlands and Europe.”

Together, the Global Hub and Europe’s Industrial Cluster, make up the port of the future…

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