Port Security: potential profitability increase



Pia Ankerstjerne, Sales Director, GateHouse


AIS technology from a different perspective

Ports around the world are starting to realise the large benefits using AIS technology. The benefits for port operations are much larger than previously realised and more and more ports choose to integrate AIS in their daily operations.

Almost all commercial vessels have AIS transponders on board today. The AIS transponder provides detailed vessel information which is captured by the port. This was not possible just a few years ago, and now ports are really starting to benefit from this possibility in proactive and creative ways.

Port challenges

Port infrastructure is the main origin of supply for many countries and ports must be operational around the clock to maintain the necessary chain of supplies and keep up with the continuously increasing amount of goods being transported by sea.

On top of this, port operators must comply with an increasing number of international regulations (environmental protection,protection of surrounding communities, handling of hazardous goods and protection from terrorism) which defocus the ports from their ‘real business,’ which is to run a profitable port operation and secure the chain of supply.

Improve port profitability and increase port security and safety

GateHouse has developed AIS Port Solution, increasing port security and safety as well as improving the profitability of port operations. It is simply a question of linking port procedures and systems with the activities at sea.

The GateHouse AIS Port Solution is developed in close cooperation with ports around the world, including ports like New York, Melbourne, Bremerhaven,  Copenhagen, Aarhus and many others. The ports gain considerable operational cost reductions as well as efficiency improvements.

Cost reductions are obtained through reduced administrative costs and a straight forward way to pin-point vessels which have damaged buoys, berth areas etc. Improved efficiency is achieved through reliable and precise billing information and berth planning optimisation based on ETA calculations.

In addition, the ports have a unique possibility of combining their situational maritime awareness with already existing or planned security installations like cameras and radars. In case of a security incident in a port, all implicated parties immediately can see the position of vessels in the port, the cargo of the vessels, approaching vessels and much more.

All in all, the AIS Port Solution creates the situational awareness needed to act appropriately and in a controlled, timely manner in a given situation.

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