Optimising Port Investment



Dr Simon Su, director and chief economist, BMT Asia Pacific


Strong growth in many of the emerging markets including the BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is reshaping the global economic landscape, changing traditional relations and shifting economic influence from west to east and north to south. As such, new trade patterns continue to develop, namely intra- Asia-Pacific trade, intra-emerging economies trade (eg. China- Latin America) and China-Africa trade. Such diversification is already raising questions and uncertainties in other parts of the world, particularly within European ports, many of which are struggling to remain resilient.


Dr Simon Su, of BMT Asia Pacific – a subsidiary of BMT Group, highlights the opportunities, challenges and attributes that ports around the world must consider in order to align with the changing landscape. Through extensive experience of providing investment and planning support throughout the initial stages of infrastructure development, Simon will also provide intelligence on the port investment hot spots and the dos and don’ts for investors…

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