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Optimisation for operational excellence

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Author(s): Dr. Yvo A. Saanen, Managing Director, TBA, Delft, the Netherlands

Experience with process improvement

TBA is known for its services during terminal planning and realisation, using state-of-the-art simulation models to quantify the need of future operations. In this style, TBA has worked on many new terminals that have since gone into live operation: Euromax; Khalifa Port; Antwerp; London Gateway; APMT Virginia; DP World Brisbane; BNCT in Busan; GTI in Mumbai; Transnet in Durban and the Tercat terminal in Barcelona. Some are also still under construction: GCT in New York; LBCT in Long Beach; APMT MV2 in Rotterdam and Rotterdam World Gateway. However, TBA is less known for its support of operational improvement and optimisation of terminal processes. Over the course of the last five years, TBA has looked at over 15 terminals and applied its proven process improvement approach based on the DMAIC or 6s models. In this paper we discuss this approach, and its results, arguing that every terminal should do implement this notion in one way or another. The business case – as we will show in this paper – for process improvement at container terminals is very solid, meaning returns within one year…

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