Offshore Transshipment Terminals: A Valid Alternative to Port Infrastructure



Giordano Scotto d’Aniello, Coeclerici Logistics, Milano, Italy


In the present world economic scenario, characterised by high uncertainty and market instability, the port sector is holding back expansion plans. These projects provide for huge investments, which are necessary for upgrading and building the new facilities required to accommodate the ocean going vessels trading worldwide, whose cargo carrying capacity has augmented to minimise the ocean freight impact.

In such a risky framework, offshore transshipment terminals represent a valid alternative to fixed port infrastructures. Among their other advantages, offshore transshipment terminals have the peculiarity of being used “on demand”. The ability to relocate the facility and secure alternative employment limits the economic exposure to unforeseen business disruption.

Logistics solutions

Coeclerici Group commenced its logistics activity in early 20th century. In recent years the logistic activity has been further developed through Coeclerici Logistics which now has more that  29 years of experience in the designing and management of “state of the art” and highly customised logistic solutions…

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