New bulk loaders for Bayóvar (Peru) and Port of Marseille



TAIM WESER, Zaragoza, Spain


TAIM WESER, a Spanish company that specialises in latestgeneration bulk handling equipment and solutions, was recently awarded the contract to install conveyor belts and a ship loader for phosphate, with 3,500 t/h capacity, for the Bayóvar Port Terminal in Peru. This project is managed by Brazilian metal giant Vale through its Peruvian subsidiary Miski Mayo.

TAIM WESER is also involved in another project, currently underway, for a rail-mounted mobile ship loader for cereals, for the Autonomous Port of Marseilles. This will be installed at the Gloria del Puerto de San Luis dock, 40 km from the city of Marseilles, France.

TAIM WESER boasts more than 100 years of experience, handling projects on five continents, for the loading and unloading of bulk at ports, ranging from cereals to minerals, including fertilizers and sacks. Using its own technology, TAIM WESER designs and supplies equipment adapted to the pre-existing port facilities and its customers’ requirements, incorporating different bulk loading, unloading and handling apparatus. The company also specialises in revamping. It is experienced in repairing, modernising and optimising the entire range of bulk handling equipment, from belt conveyors to stockpiling machinery and ship loaders.

TAIM WESER’s more recent projects in terms of the installation of loaders at port terminals include supplying a self-propelled mobile loader on wheels, with a 2,500 t/h capacity, at San Nicolás Port (Argentina), for the company Rio Tinto last year. Another notable example is the supply of a grab unloader for the TPS coal port terminal at Tarragona port. This unloader, weighing 1,500 tonnes and with a 2,500 t/h unloading capacity, feeds a coal depot, with turnover in the region of 140,000 t/week. This facility is part of a large range of machinery that the company supplied in full a few years ago. It comprises a coal conveyor system from the dock
to a storage plant and ship loading area using 12 conveyor belts, 1 stacker machine, 2 trippers and 1 ship loader. Bayóvar: belt conveyors and a loader for phosphate

In September 2008, Vale Do Río Doce (Vale) started to build a phosphate plant in la Bayóvar, in the north of Peru, in the Sechura district and province, Piura department, around 1,000 km north of Lima, 110 km south of Piura and 30 km from the Pacific Ocean. The plant will have a nominal production capacity of 3.9 million tonnes a year of mineral, the raw material used to mainly make fertilizers, and is expected to enter into operation in 2010.

The investment in this project, US$479 million, includes building a port to load out phosphate rock for export, 4 km from the phosphate plant, from where belt conveyors will take the raw material to be loaded into ships. To undertake this project, the mining company Miski Mayo Sac, Vale’s Peruvian subsidiary, has entrusted TAIM WESER with the installation of belt conveyors and a ship loader with a 3,500 t/h capacity at this port terminal
in Bayóvar.

This project represents a challenge for the Spanish company because it is going to be undertaken from scratch, since the land is a desert-like plain and there is no facility of any kind in the port. The equipment that TAIM WESER supplies is expected to enter into operation in March 2010.

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