The Indispensible Tool for Pilots and Ports



Paul Stanley, Director, Navicom Dynamics, Auckland, New Zealand


The new solution that can offer berthing ships and ports an extra helping hand. The GyroPilot™ is the latest product in the Navicom Dynamics inventory, designed to provide a compact, lightweight, wireless source of comprehensive navigation data to a pilot’s electronic charting system (ECS) when there is no requirement for the data to be independent of the ship’s sensors.


Navicom Dynamics has traditionally focussed on high-end portable pilot units (PPUs) that aim to provide pilots with very accurate position, heading and rate of turn (ROT), totally independent of a ship’s own sensors, as well as industry leading support. The current HarbourPilot™ series systems continue to provide that level of data, with the latest variants using GLONASS as well as GPS to improve performance in poor conditions; most sets are now also supplied with an integrated AIS receiver, giving even greater autonomy to the pilot.

HarbourPilot is not suitable for all customers, however, as many ports feel they do not need such a high level of accuracy and autonomy.  To meet market demand, Navicom Dynamics developed alternative smaller and lighter products.


ChannelPilot™, currently Navicom’s fastest-selling product, was made smaller and lighter than HarbourPilot by adopting a different methodology for determining heading and ROT. Completely independent of the AIS Pilot Plug, it provides position, heading, ROT and AIS data wirelessly to the pilot. The trade-off for size and weight means that it is slightly less accurate than its ‘big brother’, but well suited for those pilots who have to conduct long transits between the open sea and the berth, through narrow and winding channels. It also offers a good level of capability…

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