Mobile lifting equipment range for 2007



Mikael Andersson, Sales Director/Product Manager, Konecranes Lifttrucks AB, Markaryd, Sweden


Konecranes’ latest generation of SMV Trucks and Stackers are designed and customised for the most demanding applications. The various models feature many innovative solutions to carry out their heavy work with greater efficiency and environmental friendliness, and at a lower cost.

This article outlines a selection of the equipment range.

Fork Lift Trucks (FLT)

SMV offer standard Fork Lift Trucks from 10 up to 60 tonne capacity with load centres of 600, 900, 1,200 and 1,500 mm. The biggest trucks (50-60 tonnes) are mainly used in steel and concrete industries, most of the other manufacturers do not go over 50-52 tonnes with standard trucks.

SMV is the only manufacturer that with the unique super strong ‘box chassis’ and ‘low-energy’ load-sensing hydraulics. The SMV range of FLT’s is based on five groups, starting at 10 tonnes at 600 mm LC and ends at 60 tonnes at 1,500 mm LC (or 65 tonnes at 1,200 mm LC).

The range consists of totally 26 standard models, and also many customize combinations. The biggest reach stacker is rated 80 tonnes at 2,500 mm LC.
The FLTs feature many innovative solutions, including the ‘box type’ chassis, load-sensing hydraulics (power-on-demand), electronic controlled environmental engines, and a newly designed cabin with improved ergonomics.

Maximum strength in perfect balance

The trucks are built with unique heavy-duty box-type chassis in combination with quality components and engines that deliver high torque at low revs. To take maximum advantage of the power, the trucks have load-sensing hydraulics that provide increased efficiency and higher performance.

Always full capacity

SMV trucks have full capacity up to 7,000 mm lift height for 10-18 ton FLT’s and up to 9,000 mm for 18-52 tonnes FLTs, with 2-stage, 2-stage freelift and 3-stage freelift masts. No other manufacturers have this capacity as standard, based on the unique box-type chassis.

Power-on-demand reduces wear, fuel consumption, and environmental impact

The fork lift trucks are equipped with load-sensing hydraulics that adapts the lifting power to the weight of the goods; the truck only provides maximum power on-demand when really needed. Therefore, the truck consumes less power and fuel while reducing noise and emissions. This technology offers many advantages:
more convenient lifting, smoother running, and decreased wear on the engine, gearbox, and hydraulics.

New driver cabins

Drivers must have a good workplace in order to work safely and effectively through long shifts. To meet this need, the cabins of the trucks provide top quality comfort, visibility, and ergonomics. The cabin features low noise levels and minimum vibration. The driver is not disturbed by vibrations from the engine or chassis. Large glass screens provide optimum visibility and the powerful ventilation system creates a pleasant climate. The rear visibility is optimised on the FLTs.

Container Lift Trucks (CLT) – empty & laden

The new truck series offers a complete line-up of container trucks for empty and laden containers, as well as for RoRo handling. SMV offer standard ranges of dedicated empty container handling trucks that are aimed for different terminal sizes. All ranges have similar features such as strong box-type chassis for high lift capacity, load-sensing hydraulics, joystick operation, high stability factors and high handling and driving speeds. All CLTs are equipped with the new driver cabin.

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