How LED Lighting can Boost Sustainability



Musco Lighting


Innovation and customisation: in the world of large area lighting, it’s a powerful combination. Nobody knows this better than Musco, which for nearly 40 years now has earned its position as the global innovator in providing customised lighting solutions. Each year Musco works with thousands of customers from every corner of the globe to engineer, design, install, monitor and maintain light-emitting diode (LED) and high intensity discharge (HID) systems that meet their specific needs. Whether it’s international speedways, NFL stadiums, San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, or some of the largest and busiest ports, airport terminals and transportation hubs in the world; innovation and customisation is at the heart of Musco’s solutions. Musco takes a lot of pride in the way it works with partners to engineer solutions that meet specific needs. Whether it’s a system with an LED or HID light source, Musco’s lighting solutions not only cut off-site spill and glare, but dramatically reduce energy consumption and virtually eliminate maintenance headaches thanks to an industry-leading long-term warranty programme that includes parts and labour.

DP World Jebel Ali Port Terminal 2

When Musco partnered with DP World to light its Jebel Ali Port Terminal 2 in Dubai, UAE—one of the largest ports in the Middle East—the project presented a number of challenges. DP World knew Musco was up to meeting those challenges, having partnered together just a few years earlier on the lighting project at Jebel Ali Port Terminal 1—a project that saves DP World US$1.5 million annually. As with that initial project, energy consumption at Jebel Ali Port Terminal 2 was massive, and spill light and glare were excessive. Furthermore, maintenance costs were expensive and time consuming. Covering nearly 195 hectares and with operations taking place at the port twenty-four hours a day, DP World was facing the kind of lighting challenges most corporations can barely imagine. The team at Musco knew that Jebel Ali Port Terminal 2 needed a customised solution that would provide higher quality and more efficient lighting, lessen its environmental impact, and reduce costs. It also knew that, no matter what kind of new lighting was to be installed, the installation would need to happen while the port remained operational—a huge challenge in and of itself.

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