Investigating the science of the new push-pull principle



Jari Vartiainen, Sales Director, Actiw Oy, Pieksämäki, Finland


In the world of materials handling, the efficient loading of goods in the warehouse, or into containers for shipping, is viewed by many logistics experts as being the pinnacle of operational excellence within the modern supply chain.

Streamlining this process for speed, efficiency and safety is the main priority for any fully automated warehouse. One tool proving valuable to the loading process is the LoadPlate, designed and implemented by material handling specialist Actiw Oy.

A complete alternative
The LoadPlate solution is highly flexible, and can speedily and smoothly load goods of varying sizes, lengths, and weights into standard containerised cargo space (DCs) in a matter of minutes. It is suitable for loading difficult cargo that is hard to containerise, is easily damaged or that requires special shipping units such as open-top containers (OTs).

The cost of shipping and transporting OTs is approximately double that of DCs, which can run into thousands of Euros per container – plus the cost of containerisation. With LoadPlate, ordinary DCs can be used instead of OTs, making a significant saving.

Previously, there hasn’t been an automated single-door container loading system available within the material handling market place. The LoadPlate system can easily cope with long items such as timber, steel plates, tubes, and profiles. It is also suitable for heavy and complex cargo that has traditionally needed to be loaded into OTs. Loads are moved smoothly on a plate into the cargo space, minimising the risk of product damage and ensuring cargo quality.

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