How IT is driving terminal performance



Leif Meier, project manager, Realtime Business Solutions EMEA, Hamburg, Germany


Having the right information available at the right time for the right decision is a key issue that management and planning experts are facing day after day. This is especially true for the complex, dynamic and interacting processes at a container terminal. It is crucial for the planning team to be aware of the terminal operations with a full overview at any time, as any operational decision or change will have an impact on the efficiency of the terminal immediately – and therefore affect customers and shareholders.

As the terminal operating system (TOS) is managing all relevant information, the TOS is in a key position to drive terminal efficiency and success, playing a major part of the business profit model. New intelligent procedures based on methods from applied statistics and operation research benefit from TOS information in a smart way.

TOS-integrated solutions

Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) is working on TOS-integrated intelligent solutions for rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) dispatching and berth allocation. Being TOS-integrated, smart algorithms make use of the high quality and information availability to support the planner with efficient solutions where necessary. Algorithms help to monitor any interacting changes in the system, keep the planner in focus of any upcoming issues based on defined thresholds and settings and are even able to propose smart solutions where required or take responsibility for chosen parts to free planners’ time for more critical issues.

The RBS philosophy is providing the planner the right tools for decision-making based on the best real-time information availability through the whole planning process. Tools and algorithms have been designed together with terminal business professionals, planning experts, management executives and optimisation experts to provide the best algorithms in a business relevant environment to drive the terminals performance with excellence. The RBS team and their partners were awarded the opportunity to present their ideas of this intelligent design of algorithms at the European Conference of Operational Research in Rome. Their outstanding results were presented to an audience of world’s leading operations research specialists.

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