Integrated check-in and security system goes over above ISPS code compliance



Paolo Bufarini, E-Dea SpA, Casalnuovo, Italy


The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code makes the adoption of security and monitoring systems mandatory for both accessing ports and transiting through boarding areas. Only passengers and vehicles with a valid boarding pass can access boarding areas, and their transit must be real-time monitored by using fast and flexible tools. Moreover inefficient boarding systems leave passengers and ferry cruise operators dissatisfied. The usage of fast and flexible control tools for monitoring lanes, docks and boarding areas, which speed-up boarding flows, can help on this side. Vehicle transit control through boarding areas can give the real-time status of the boarding process and detect unauthorised access. Control of passengers may be accomplished through both wireless handheld devices, as well as access gates equipped with barcode readers for boarding card validation.

E-Dea SpA, a leader in Italy and Europe for cutting-edge solutions and technologies for the maritime transportation industries, has designed an integrated boarding and security system, providing all tools and advanced technologies for complying with ISPS rules and regulations during all access and boarding operations of passengers, vehicles and cargo for the maritime market industries. The product “eBoarding®” is a part of the E-Dea SpA IMOS® software infrastructure, based on a completed SOA approach. “Airlines have expedited passenger check-in and security concerns procedures for years” said Paolo Bufarini, Sales & Marketing Director of E-Dea SpA, “and now, we are helping maritime operators implement the same kind of user-friendly technologies to provide expanded and self-service checkin options, for passengers, cars and trailers as well. We deliver traditional, mobile, web and kiosk check-in solutions as well as complete automated solutions tailored for the specific needs of the Port Authorities and ferries and cruises companies. Color Lines and the Port Authority of Brindisi are just two of the latest clients secured by our company.”

The reference list of the Naples-based firm is much more complete, including companies such as Moby Lines, the Port Authority of Rome (Civitavecchia), the Port Authority of Bari and Stazioni Marittime Genova.

Such a tool, as part of a complete integrated system, allows Port Authorities and ferry companies to comply with all ISPS rules and regulations, speeding-up boarding processes at the same time.

Complete integrated solution
The E-Dea SpA challenge is to provide users with a complete integrated solution for securing and controlling passengers and cargo movements across port, terminals and ships, improving supply chain and boarding efficiencies in the same time.

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