Digital Ports: The Evolving Role of Port Authorities



Dr Oscar Pernia, Director of Product Strategy, Navis, California, USA Dr Francisco de los Santos, CDO, Algeciras Port Authority, Algeciras, Spain


Ports are complex operational environments comprised of different stakeholders who need to work together to maximise efficiencies for the entire supply chain. Increasingly, port authorities are taking a more active role in optimising operations at the port by coordinating each aspect of the vessel visit. By redefining the mission and role of each stage of the vessel visit, ports can significantly improve their efficiency, security and environmental impact.

With mega-vessel port calls becoming a reality, improving operations management through optimisation is an important area of focus for port authorities. Pilots, line men, tugs, and other vessel services can optimise their operations through a focus on collaborative information sharing. To manage congestion, create business value and increase a port’s competitiveness, the collaborative sharing of data is critical and will enhance port operational excellence and quality of service: ultimately leading to the “Digital Port”.

Overall, port operations management…

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