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The Mega-Ship Issue

Edition 69 of Port Technology has a special focus on shipping, with exclusive Q&A's with the world's top carriers, and insights into the shipping industry from analysts. Also featured are papers on areas such as port automation, LNG, security and the floundering dry bulk market.

Papers in this edition:

Entering the Maritime Sector: Logistics 4.0

The steam engine. Electricity. Automation. The Internet of Things: these 4 terms describe the evolution of industrial progress in roughly the last 2 eras. The Internet of Things – also addressed as the fourth wave in industrial development, or as the ‘digitisation’ of industry – offers various opportunities to the port sector

Protecting Ships: The Threat of Hackers

The danger of cyber-attack on computers and networks has been recognised as a Tier 1 threat by the UK government in its 2010 National Security Strategy, how can you defend the supply chain?

Huge Bulk Overcapacity In Absence of Demand

The dry bulk market is grappling to survive in absence of demand. Trade of the major commodities, coal and iron ore, have almost become stagnant. Result: the big vessels are suffering the most

Large Area Lighting Innovation

As ports continue to look for ways to boost productivity and efficiently use energy, LED lighting continues to be the right solution according to Musco

Maersk Line Q&A

Exclusive Q&A with Maersk Line's Head of Terminal Performance Tommy Nilsson

Q&A: Hapag-Lloyd

Jorn Springer, Senior Director Fleet Support Center, Hapag-Lloyd, explains how Hapag-Lloyd have developed in the 21st century

The Future is Here: Cargo Handling for Mega-Ships

The first 18,000 TEU vessel arrived at the US West Coast towards the end of 2015. This paper addresses what this means for the Trans-Pacific trade lane and how the Port of Long Beach is positioned to handle these massive vessels

Port Development in East Africa

East Africa has long been marginalised as a somewhat less significant part of the global container industry, with inadequate capital investment in infrastructure leading to the majority of cargo being transhipped over Red Sea or Middle East Gulf ports such as Jebel Ali, Salalah or the Indian Ocean Islands

Riding the Digital Wave: A Marine Revolution

They say that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. The only way to survive is to adapt. How businesses adapt to changes in a global economy determines who will be left standing when the dust settles. It happens in every industry, from banking to building, and the marine industry is no exception.

LNG: The Fuel of the Future

Whatever the fluctuations currently seen in the oil market, Liquefied Natural Gas, (LNG), is still widely regarded as the fuel of the future

Successful Public-Private Partnerships in Ports Infrastructure Projects

Whilst port infrastructure is crucial to the advancement of local and national economies, the fact remains that port infrastructure procurement; development and operations are costly both towards the capital expenditure needed to develop the assets, as well as the operating costs generated by running the assets.

ABP: Keeping Mega-Ships On Course

Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) have become an increasingly familiar – and spectacular – sight around the UK’s coast as vessels continue to grow in size

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