Delivering Green Initiatives with AI-enabled Autonomous Solutions to Boost Port Industry



Dr Rafiq Swash, CEO and Founder, AIDrivers


As the US inaugurates its 46th president and re-joins the Paris Climate Agreement, the status of climate change will climb back up the global agenda and reignite the need to drive down global carbon emissions.

The US is the world’s largest economy and the second biggest emitter of carbon so gives this cause true political heft. Joe Biden’s decision to re-enter the accord will increase the importance of green issues and spotlight sustainability for other countries to follow suit. There is no better time to focus our attention on our efforts, planning and execution of greener goals.

Creating sustainable ports
AIDrivers is committed and fully aware of its role in creating sustainable ports for the future and embraces it wholeheartedly. The drive to innovatively solve for the needs of the port industry is clearly overlaid with the responsibility to provide green, efficient and commercially viable technology to assist ports in sustainable automation as they strive to meet carbon reduction targets.

AIDrivers delivers artificial intelligence (AI) enabled autonomous mobility solutions to the port sector. The cutting-edge technology transforms current fleets of trucks and other port equipment into autonomous vehicles by retrofitting hardware and software onto the existing platforms to render them fully autonomous and self-managed.

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