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Combining Emerging Technology For Smarter Port Operations

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Author(s): Richard Willis, Technical Director for Port Operations, and John-James Gallagher, Civil Engineer & Smart Ports Consultant, Royal HaskoningDHV, Liverpool, UK

Smart ports are operationally efficient, environmentally friendly, physically and digitally secure, safe, and cost-effective. They supplement operators’ intelligence with harmonised, real-time data so they can dynamically respond to supply chain and local stakeholder needs; and continue to evolve through collaborative innovation. By this definition, the totally-smart port may not yet be fully realised, but recent years have seen the concept grow in importance.

Most ports and port-sector players around the globe are focussing on making operations smarter, while enablers from SMEs to large corporations are rising from other industries to meet the demand for disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), sensor-enabled robotics and augmented reality (AR).

Featured in the Edition:

Smart Digital Ports

PTI Edition 89 • Digital & Print
This edition of the Journal of Ports & Terminals acts as a precursor to the Smart Digital Ports of the Future Conference in Rotterdam from the 4-6 of November. The edition features the world-leading smart ports offering an insight into their operations, globally renowned supply chain academics writing on core smart port and supply chain issues, and a host of pioneering solution providers articulating their vision for the future of ports.

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