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Interview with Robert Schena, CEO and Co-founder, Rajant Corporation


Founded in October 2001, wireless network provider Rajant Corporation became involved in the ports industry as an offshoot of its involvement in the military and mining industries.

Since then, it is now part of an automation project for DP World at one of the biggest container terminals in the world at Jebel Ali Port. There Rajant is working with Artificial intelligence (AI) specialist DGWorld and Velodyne Lidar, a market leader in LIDAR technology, to supply a fleet of DGWorld’s Autonomous Internal Terminal Vehicles (AITV). Rajant will be providing its fully mobile M2M Kinetic Mesh® BreadCrumb® wireless nodes and connectivity expertise to the project.

In a recent interview with Port Technology International, Robert Schena, CEO and Co-founder of the company, explains how more automation is now taking place within the ports industry and how the industry has changed since Rajant first became involved with the maritime sector.

Schena shared that because the company’s equipment was designed for environments such as mining, which are tough to operate in from a communications perspective, they would also work exceptionally well in a port environment.

Watch Robert Schena’s interview in full here.

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