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100th Edition

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First established in 1995, the Port Technology International (PTI) Journal continues to inform and educate as well as analysing the biggest trends in the ports and terminals industry. The PTI team and I are delighted to present to our readers the landmark 100th Edition of the Journal.

This issue will see us explore the industry into three sections: ports in focus, thought leadership and tackling the issues of today and the future.

PTI would like to thank those who have supported this special edition of the journal: ABB, Aidrivers, Boxbay, Connectainer, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, Inform, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Barcelona, Rajant and Solvo.

We look forward to continuing to support the ports and terminal sector for another 25 years as a media outlet to share ideas, experiences and developments.

If you are not yet a subscriber you can view the 100th Edition for a limited time via this link.


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