Antwerp: Specialist Dry Bulk Hotspot


Wim Dillen, Antwerp Port Authority



To stand out from the competition in the world market, companies must be able to call upon a sustainable, flexible, efficient and most of all, innovative supply chain in which all links play an effective role. The Port of Antwerp is an example of a crucial link in the supply chain.

Good sea access, a dense network of hinterland connections and its geographical location are just the start of its advantages. Antwerp is also distinguished for its integrated range of logistics services supported by single-window ICT, comprehensive expertise in freight handling, value-added services and long-term investments.


With its area of 12,068 hectares, the Port of Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world. It is also Europe's largest port in terms of storage space, and the second largest port in Europe with respect to the total volumes handled. The total volume of 208 million tonnes were handled in 2015, has been realised thanks to the work of more than 145,000 professionals…

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