Advanced Driver Assistance: Container Cranes Evolution



Lars Ambrosy, Managing Director, LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH, Bremen, Germany


The level of automation and safety in container handling has increased significantly in the last years. Many greenfield projects target full automation in ports, yet many of the existing container ports have manual machine operations. Since the beginning of trade, the port itself has been a dangerous workplace where accidents can be deadly. This is why it is necessary to provide assistance to the crane driver in order to ensure the safest working conditions – the same applies to people working around the cranes.

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For this purpose laser-based measurement systems have been developed which scan the environment to allow crane movements without any accident or collision. While focusing only the vertical transportation of the load, any collisions with objects on the ground should be prevented as well as a proper lift and drop of the load. In this paper the cases of operation at STS, RTG and RMG cranes will be shown…
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