A flexible solution for coal handling systems



Telestack Limited, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland


Mobile shiploaders for coal handling

The range of mobile shiploaders offered by Telestack ensures the operator has a mobile and flexible solution when loading vessels from barges to Panamax. The customized nature of the equipment allows the units to be designed to load a range of vessel sizes and production rates up to 2500 tonnes per hour of coal. The radial and telescopic features of the shiploaders offer unrivalled trimming capabilities that cannot be matched in comparison with other fixed length conveyor systems. These features ensure that multiple hatch trimming can be easily done from one position, ensuring that production is maintained and hatch change requirements are minimized. The mobility of the shiploaders caters for a complete range of requirements, from full drive wheeled units for parallel, radial and in-line/grab steering to tracked mobile units or wheels for towing into position.

When handling any type of material, dust suppression and containment is a key consideration for the Telestack mobile shiploaders. The units are complete with optional covers, undertrays, sealing, dust extraction and a range of telescopic cascade/ freefall chutes, all fully integrated and designed for optimum performance to eliminate any dust or spillage issues on site. As well as dust issues, Telestack incorporate the telescopic cascade chute to limit the degradation of the material, such as pet coke, to ensure the material sizing is maintained within the required specification when loading into the hatch. The feature enhances the performance of the shiploader so operators can guarantee a quality material to their customers.

An alternative to the typical stacker/reclaimer system

Typical operations in either developing a Greenfield site or upgrading a current stockyard operation would use a stacker/ reclaimer system for all their needs, in terms of stockpiling and reclaiming of the bulk material. There are many manufacturers of stacker/reclaiming systems worldwide, with varying associated capital costs, depending on the customer’s requirements. Other substantial costs associated with this type of installation include civil requirements, planning permission and government legislation, which further increase the capital expenditure and time frame of the project.

The Telestack mobile systems can offer a cost efficient alternative to stacker/reclaimer systems. Telestack equipment is designed for operators handling up to 5,000,000 per year with single system, while still maintaining the required production capacities. For those upgrading their current system from an older stacker/reclaiming system to a new design, the robust design of the Telestack equipment ensures that the operator can maintain their current tonnage per annum while limiting their capital expenditure. For those developing new Greenfield sites, the Telestack equipment is perfect for the initial start-up phase of the project. The lower capital costs and no civil requirements and limited planning permission are the main advantages of the equipment in comparison to fixed stacker/reclaiming systems. The equipment allows the operator to begin phase one of the stockyard very quickly and easily, with leads times on Telestack equipment as short as 12 weeks from order. All Telestack units can be packed into 40 foot containers for shipping globally and are fully built on site within one week.


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