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GreenTech 2021: APM Terminals puts spotlight on self-generated electricity

Terminals in countries with poor electrical grid networks may need to self-generate energy to best implement electrification for a more sustainable future within the industry.  This according APM Terminals (APMT) executives Ashely Woods, Global Head of Environmental Impact, and Alexandru Duca, Director and Head of the Modernisation Program, presenting at PTI’s GreenTech event.  When asked if terminals should source electricity externally or produce it by their own means, Woods said, “It’s a balance between or […]

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APM Terminals aims to reduce emissions at GTI with new Siemens partnership

The new partnership between APM Terminals and Siemens Limited, India, could see a potential carbon emission of reduction of 30-40% at Gateway Terminals India (GTI). Being one of the busiest terminals in India, in 2020 the gateway consumed 5.8 million liters of diesel and 25 Giga Watt hours of electricity, totaling 66,847 tonnes of fuel-based […]

APM Terminals MedPort Tangier

APM Terminals MedPort Tangier utilises virtual reality in safety training

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies were first introduced into safety trainings by APM Terminals (APMT) MedPort Tangier in 2020. Now the port sees training modules cover 14 different safety topics while also providing a training experience where individuals can react to near-real-life scenarios. APM Terminals safety scenarios cover their ‘Fatal 5’ area of risk while working […]

APM Terminals Mobile targets Midwest supply chains

APM Terminals Mobile is targeting Asia to US Midwest import cargo with daily departures using five class 1 railroads that offer further potential to access the US heartland. Freight operator CN has rail car and locomotive capacity to help speed cargo to Chicago with a 2.5 day direct doublestack service. Northbound refrigerated packs are available for […]

Alliance MD2 service returns to APM Terminals Barcelona

The MD2 service is returning to call at the APM Terminals (APMT) Barcelona. The Far East-Mediterranean connection will recover its calls in Spain with Hapag-Lloyd’s 14,993 TEU Al Murabba’ marking the first vessel to call at the terminal. During this first call in Barcelona, the operations team coordinated 1,270 movements. The MD2 service is operated […]