What’s New in Automated Terminal Technology?


Terminal software innovation has been discussed with CyberLogitec, an IT solution provider specializing in the maritime logistics and container handling industries, in a new Port Technology interview.

The discussion with CyberLogitec’s Senior Vice President, Jason Hyeon, and Sales Representative, Yu-Mi Eumat, at TOC Europe 2017 explored what technological advancements are still yet to happen in the port industry and how CyberLogitec plans to act upon these gaps in the market.

Commenting on data management, Eum said: “Nowadays the issue is not the length of the information, the issue is the flood of information — so how to define and refine the real, value-added information.”

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Hyeon commented: “There are many keywords like AI, IoT, big data analysis and autonomous vehicles… the most important thing is how to make it efficient, how to make integration greater, so we are trying to refine it and get more creative, more meaningful and useful information.”

CyberLogitec: Automated Control Over Shipping’s Downturn

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