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CyberLogitec (CLT) is an IT solution provider specializing in the maritime logistics and container handling industries. CLT is highly equipped with leading technology and industrial expertise, gained through extensive experience towards developing a global IT standard.

The wide variety of professional shipping and port logistics solutions offered by CLT are up-to-the-minute IT solutions, leading its clients towards success through enhancing productivity, bringing down costs, and creating new business strategies and values. The solutions include an advanced automated terminal operation system, integrated container & bulk carrier operation system, and container yard & vessel management system. 

Based on the successful container terminal business, CLT now presents an automation solution package called Eagle Eye. This is a terminal process automation solution enabling real-time management and control of key assets within terminals. 

CLT has been providing TOS systems to numerous terminals around the world over the last decade, four of which are terminal automation projects (Hanjin Pusan HJNC, DP World Pusan PNC, TTI-Algeciras, DP World Dubai CT#3). CLT utilises the experience gained by this, while maintaining its passion and ambition to become a strong provider for its customers, through technology research and system development in the maritime and logistics industries.

OPUS Terminal

OPUS Terminal is already used by more than 20 major terminals around the world, and is the most advanced terminal operating solution, developed with state-of-the-art technology. With the latest J2EE-based open architecture, this system guarantees...

Eagle Eye

Automation in the Container Terminal Business today has become essential to better serve customers and improve profitability. Furthermore, increasing port calls of mega-vessels, more productive quay cranes, and increased GBP have led to a surge...

OPUS Bulk (Maritime Operation System)

In recent years, many bulk shipping companies seeking new bulk software are encountering issues such as the new commercial traffic of china, market fluctuations, the impact left from the global economic depression, and so forth. As a result,...

OPUS Container

OPUS Container is an integrated information solution implementing sales, logistics and financial management, as well as, business performance analysis. This solution can be implemented as C/S type or Web basis type and supports management performance...

OPUS Stowage

OPUS Stowage is a solution that manages optimal stowage loading / discharging plan information efficiently for container shipping companies. Particularly, the optimization engine in OPUS Stowage helps planners to work efficiently by producing...


D-CUBE S/I is aimed at improving user convenience and enhancing work efficiency. Its ultimate goal is to cut down costs. D-CUBE S/I automates the current work process, where customers send shipping instructions to shipping companies through various...

OPUS Forwarding

Standardization and automation of work was adopted as a strategy to enhance operational efficiency, an important matter that all logistics companies are concerned about. The establishment of a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) enables the execution...


SmartLink is a solution that helps in data interface of logistics partners and provides logistics visibility through the data interface. In particular, focusing on customs filing that is being raised as an issue in the logistics industry lately;...

CyberLogitec: The World is Changing

Jason Hyeon, Senior VP, Terminal Business Unit and Brian Jung, Terminal Automation System Manager at CyberLogitec discuss their latest product innovation ‘Eagle Eye’, an automation system designed to adapt to the fast changing shipping industry.

CyberLogitec: OPUS Terminal

OPUS Terminal by CyberLogitec is the most advanced terminal operating solution, used by more than 20 major terminals worldwide. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, the OPUS Terminal guarantees high flexibility, scalability and efficiency for modern container terminals.

CyberLogitec: Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye by CyberLogitec is not only a terminal asset and container monitoring system but also a fully integrated process automation system designed to support security and safety management in modern container terminals.

CyberLogitec: D-cube

The D-cube by CyberLogitec is a shipping instruction solution designed to reduce both time and costs incurred from manual data input. This enhances overall work efficiency benefitting customers and shipping companies.

CyberLogitec: New Technology for Automated Terminals

CyberLogitec’s Jason Hyeon, Senior Vice President and Yu-Mi Eum, Sales Representative speak with PTI to discuss new technologies, innovation and automation within the port industry.

CyberLogitec: Automation Can Bring Control in a Shipping Downturn

CyberLogitec's SVP Jason Hyeon and Sales Representative Yu-Mi Eum present their thoughts on how the global shipping downturn can be improved through creating efficiencies using technology such as its Eagle Eye automation system.


TTI Algeciras Terminal – Semi-automated terminal with perpendicular yard

An example of how OPUS Terminal can be used to provide high productivity and competitive stevedoring charges to attract the liners.


OPUS Bulk for H-Line Shipping

An example of how the OPUS Bulk system can satisfy the requirements of a transporter specializing in raw materials and energy.


OPUS Bulk for Polaris Shipping

An example of how Polaris Shipping used OPUS Bulk to fascilitate the expansion of its fleet size.


OPUS Stowage for Hanjin Shipping

An example of how Hanjin Shipping adopted OPUS Stowage to improve its stowage planning.


CyberLogitec Carries out the Project of Creating the Integrated Work System for A.I.F. Global Network

Details of CyberLogitec's role in replacing A.I.F.'s global operating system with its OPUS Forwarding System.


SmartLink service for Hyundai Glovis

Details of SmartLink's integration with the operating system of Hyundai Glovis.

OPUS Terminal

OPUS Terminal is the Terminal Operating System suitable and optimized for conventional as well as automated terminal operation.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye, which is a fully integrated automation system designed and developed for modern container terminals, enables terminals to focus their efforts on increasing efficiency in yard operations, while integrating other terminal operation processes.


CyberLogitec's OPUS BulkTM has proven & standardized processes integrated from expertise to build a system for bulk businesses.

OPUS Container

OPUS Container is an integrated operating solution which covers all container shipping business process from booking to delivery with single instance.

OPUS Stowage

OPUS Stowage is a solution that manages optimal stowage loading / discharging plan information efficiently for container shipping companies.


D-CUBE S/I (Shipping Instruction) is a innovative solution which extracts data from Shipping Instructions received through Fax or Email.

OPUS Forwarding

OPUS Forwarding is the suitable solution for solving these crucial factors that many forwarding companies are facing.

OPUS SmartLink

OPUS SmartLink is a solution that helps in data interface of logistics partners and provides logistics visibility through the data interface.

Automated Container Terminal Market to Hit $10.89 Billion

  02 May 2018

According to a report publishing by MarketsandMarkets, the automated container terminal market is set to grow in 2023 to US$ 10.89 billion

What’s New in Automated Terminal Technology?

  30 Aug 2017

Terminal software innovation has been discussed with CyberLogitec, an IT solution provider specializing in the maritime logistics and container handling industries, in a new Port Technology interview with the company’s Senior Vice President, Jason Hyeon, and Sales Representative, Yu-Mi Eum

Friday Focus: Automated Control Over Shipping’s Downturn

  14 Jul 2017

CyberLogitec believes that the global shipping downturn can be improved through creating efficiencies using technology such as its Eagle Eye automation system

Solving the Big Data Puzzle

  12 Jul 2016

Ports and terminals globally recognise that Big Data is a trend that is weaving its way into daily operations but there are few that have figured out how to use it for fostering innovation

New PTI Edition: Embracing Automation

  25 May 2016

Issue 70 – the latest edition of the PTI journal – has been released and is now available. The edition, entitled Embracing Automation, is one of PTI’s most expansive editions ever

The Top 5 Interviews of 2015

  01 Dec 2015

PTI has compiled a list of the top 5 interviews of 2015

The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals

  11 Aug 2015

Big Data is still a relatively new term within the port and terminal industry. But 87% of enterprises believe that Big Data will redefine the competitive landscape in the next three years

Friday Focus Infographic: Big Data and TOS Systems

  07 Aug 2015

An infographic released by CyberLogitec, as part of its blog, shows the various elements of TOS data that could be used in conjunction with Big Data operations

Optimising Terminals through the ‘Eagle Eye’

  06 Aug 2015

A video released by CyberLogitec shows its Eagle Eye concept for tracking the equipment and containers of a container terminal

CyberLogitec: The World is Changing

  06 Jul 2015

PTI recently interviewed Brian Jung and Jason Hyeon of CyberLogitec at the recent TOC Europe 2015 in Rotterdam in a wide-ranging, expansive interview

Optimization Dilemmas In Megaship Handling

Competition between container terminals is becoming fiercer, and because of this handling fees have plummeted. Since it is becoming more and more difficult for terminal operators to maintain even mediocre profit rates, they are increasingly focused on optimizing resources like berths, machines, and the workforce.

RTLS Technologies in Terminals

In this paper are some of the existing RTLS technologies and their pros and cons, as well as an insight into how they are used in various types of terminals

CyberLogitec: The Technology of the Future

PTI exclusively interviews Jason Hyeon of CyberLogitec

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