Westwell launches ground-breaking ‘Next-Gen Digital & Intelligent Port Operating Platform’ at TOC Europe

Westwell at TOC Europe 2023

AI Meets GPT to Help Break Boundaries of Port Operations and Energy Efficiency

Westwell, the global leader in scenario-based electric autonomous driving, has released its “Next-Gen Digital & Intelligent Port Operating Platform” and launched the new LLM product TerminalGPT for port operations.

The launch took place against the backdrop of TOC Europe held in Rotterdam from 13 to 15 June 2023.

By deeply integrating with the production and operation processes of forefront ports, the model is able to effectively enhance digital capabilities in port operations and empower port companies to improve operating quality and efficiency.

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TerminalGPT: The New Smart Robot in Container Logistics

With innovations developed through “digital intelligence”, carbon reduction is being accelerated across the global port industry. As an international technology exchange platform for the large logistics industry, this year’s TOC has set its agenda mainly surrounding “Digital Intelligence Driving Sustainability”, and more than 200 port operators and supply chain exhibitors from more than 80 countries have participated in it.

TerminalGPT: the New “Digital & Intelligent Port” Smart Robot, powered by Westwell

Westwell’s new LLM TerminalGPT for Container Logistics Supply Chains works as an “attentive” 24-hour super business assistant. Based on the LLM technology and combined with the experience and knowledge of large logistics scenarios, it can become an expert in smart port operations through continuous pre-trainings.

TerminalGPT transforms the traditional manual operation into a robot mode, and creates a brand-new intelligent operation expert, which provides intelligent interactive service to better couple with the real needs in production/operation scenarios.

By linking up with various systems such as WellOcean (Multi-scenario Intelligent Solutions) and Qomolo (New Energy Autonomous Driving and Smart Commercial Vehicles), it breaks the barriers of vehicles, people, space and energy to achieve a multidimensional and efficient port operation.

In addition, TerminalGPT can also make “smart recommendations” through self-learning and big data-based predictions, enabling each system to be “smarter”. In actual operations, it assists people in making optimal decisions by recommending various key intelligent operations, such as prompting accurate information and predicting risk, etc., to make port operations more efficient, safer and greener.

With the support of TerminalGPT, the WellFMS  (Fleet Management System) developed by Westwell can realise an “intelligent upgrade”. It can help make more advance predictions and future intelligent recommendations in port operations for better route planning, and especially assist front-line operation planners to discover problems in advance and give early warnings.

It can also help the TOS(Terminal Operation System)to perform previews operations and plan assistance through self-learning. This will greatly enhance the interactive experience between terminal operators and production systems, improve the working environment of front-line employees, and break the boundaries of port operation efficiency and energy efficiency.

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Autonomous + Swappable Battery-powered Electric Vehicles to Drive Sustainability

Westwell also exhibited Q-Truck, the cab-less electric autonomous commercial vehicle under Qomolo for the first time at TOC. Q-Truck subversively “cancelled the human cab”. Without the need for auxiliary equipment such as magnetic nails, it can be flexibly applied to multiple scenarios such as sea, land, airports, and factories. In addition, it is also equipped with Westwell’s self-developed PowerOnair smart energy services, which enable automatic efficient battery swap in only five minutes, and solve the problem of insufficient battery life of electric commercial vehicles.

Q-Truck: the cab-less electric autonomous commercial vehicle, powered by Westwell

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With the acceleration of globalisation, Westwell’s products and services have landed in 18 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 160 customers, with scenarios covering seaports, dry ports, airports, railways, manufacturing plants and other logistics providers.

Westwell has been at the forefront of innovation in smart ports, and has created a number of benchmark cases in important ports worldwide. For example, it helped Hutchison Port Terminal D of the Laem Chabang Port Thailand to become the first smart port in the world under mixed-mode operation between “unmanned and manned” internal traffic.

Following a recent agreement with Hutchison Ports of Felixstowe, Westwell will provide more than 100 Q-Trucks for Felixstowe to build the largest electric autonomous commercial vehicle fleet to date, and build battery-swapping infrastructures and related services.

In the case of pure green electricity, it is estimated that the new energy Q-Truck can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 tonnes per vehicle per year in actual production scenarios such as those in Felixstowe Port in the UK and remarkably contribute to decarbonisation in port operations.

At TOC, Westwell hopes to connect with more ecological partners through the event’s international platform and create new opportunities for “green intelligence” to lead the efficient and sustainable development of the global large logistics industry.

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