Watch: The Future of Ports in 2060

 11 May 2017 09.19am

Kalmar has released its renewed 2060 vision of how cargo handling will take place at terminals.

The cargo equipment specialist's video shows the Hyperloop concept becoming reality and predicts that goods will be moved rapidly around the world in smart containers that know their contents and destination.

Kalmar also shows the use of drones for continuous predictive maintenance and has predicted that all ports will be automated, run on renewable energy and have zero carbon emissions.

Its view of 2060 is also a hopeful one as Kalmar has claimed that big data will be used to the "full benefit of our society", with artificial intelligence combined with human experience and knowledge helping us solve highly complex problems.

Digital technologies will also enable different forms of collaboration, co-creation and innovation, "positively impacting millions of lives around the globe". 

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The Port 2060 initiative was originally launched in 2011 to spark discussion on the future of the port industry.

Through a series of articles, blog posts and conference presentations, Kalmar has aimed to anticipate the challenges and solutions that will be relevant to containerisation as it approaches its centenary.

Frank Kho, Vice President, Market Intelligence, Strategy and Development and a member of the Port 2060 Think Tank, said: "This time we wanted to have a more holistic look over the entire logistics chain.

“The original Port 2060 vision was mainly focused on the physical dimensions of a port and it has carried very well through all these years.

"However, the possibilities that digitalisation, data and software will provide, will have a fundamental impact on the global trade and logistics ecosystem.

“Automation and artificial intelligence, for example, will help us to create a more sustainable future while enabling better collaboration and interaction between people."

Kho recently shared his thoughts on truck transportation becomming ‘Uberised’ in his latest Port 2060 blog post.

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