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Wärtsilä Unveils High Resolution Radar System

Wärtsilä Unveils High Resolution Radar System

Wärtsilä, a provider of technological solutions for the maritime sector, has launched the RS24 high resolution radar, the world’s first commercially available K-band maritime radar.

The solution from Guidance Marine, a Wärtsilä company, makes small vessels and other potential hazards close to large ships more visible, boosting safety in congested shipping lanes and around busy ports.

Dmitry Rostopshin discusses VTS systems in the age of digital information in a recent Port Technology technical paper

By providing high resolution images of areas which conventional radars cannot penetrate, an operator’s situational awareness of the ship’s surroundings can be increased.

In addition to this, the radar images are integrated with the onboard Wärtsilä Nacos navigational system for complete coverage.

Wärtsilä will write a technical paper for of the upcoming #CTAC19 journal Edition 84, available in print and online at the end of April

Dr. Sasha Heriot, Business Development Manager of Guidance Marine, said: “This ground-breaking development offers unparalleled close-range fidelity, providing a level of situational awareness that is unprecedented in ship radars.

“It is a major breakthrough for the marine industry, and is further evidence of Wärtsilä’s success in developing technologies in line with its Smart Marine initiative, aimed at delivering greater efficiencies, improved safety, and better environmental performance for its maritime customers.”



According to a statement, the first orders for the RS24 system have been received and delivered, with early indications suggesting that it will be particularly important for vessels making frequent port calls.

The radar is also featured in Wärtsilä’s IntelliTug project, which combines technologies, innovations, and digital solutions to develop a tug that can navigate autonomously.

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