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Video Shows TS Taipei Containership Wreck Removal

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A newly released video by SMIT Salvage (above) has shown how it removed the 'TS Taipei' containership which ran aground and became a shipwreck in the north of Taiwan.

The vessel, once owned by TS Lines, got into difficulty after severe weather conditions led to an engine failure on March 10, 2016, which caused the ship to break in two and sink.

For the project, SMIT Salvage deployed its 1,000-ton floating sheerleg Cyclone, a floating water vessel with a crane, and the semi-submersible pontoon Giant 6.

The wreck removal operation started with the recovery of 384 containers before the removal of hatch covers.

SMIT Salvage then removed its superstructure and main engine.

It ended the operation by refloating the stern on Giant 6, which allowed it to refloat the bow and tow the remains of the ship to a nearby dry dock for dismantling. 

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